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Private School Benefits

By February 18, 2019August 26th, 2019No Comments

Top 5 Benefits of a Private School

Many parents are now exploring private schools as an option for their children’s education. Here are the five top benefits of going to a private school, and why it’s imperative for your child to incorporate art in their day, and not just the Common Core.

1. Academic Excellence

Many private schools differ from public schools since they offer classes aimed at teaching life skills, not just graduating. They offer core subjects, but they also offer classes in technology, fine arts, music, and leadership. These help students develop their own niche and guide them in the right direction for their futures.

2. Smaller Classes

The teacher-student ratio is a big concern for parents. Parents often consider private schools because they have smaller class sizes, often near a 10:1 ratio. This allows the teacher to truly get to know each student, and learn both their strengths and weaknesses, and tailor lesson plans accordingly. If your child is struggling, these smaller class sizes allow for more one on one interaction with the teacher.

3. Confident Students

With smaller classes, every student gets more individualized attention and a greater chance to succeed. Students get a chance to debate topics and compete in national competitions. They also learn how to compete on sports teams and chess tournaments. Learning these skills helps boost students’ self-esteem.

4. Fewer Regulations

Private schools don’t have to follow all the same curriculum as public schools, allowing teachers more flexibility in the classroom. It also allows private schools to teach different classes and offer different extracurricular activities, giving the students a balanced education.

5. Religious Traditions

While they aren’t required by law, several private schools are affiliated with a certain religion. If you want your child brought with a strong religious upbringing, you have options. Schools range from those who offer chapel and religious education on-site to those who require daily worship in school.

St. Andrew’s Episcopal School is a private, christian school in Amarillo, TX. Our mission is to provide a safe, learning environment that welcomes new students of any faith and background. Please contact us to schedule a tour and see our school.