Affording Tuition

Affording St. Andrew’s can be a large investment for your family. St. Andrew’s understands that and wants to provide an independent school education for your child.  Each year, our Financial Assistance Committee awards grants to qualifying families to help alleviate the cost of tuition. Awards are determined on the basis of need through the services of FACTS Grant & Aid Assessment in Lincoln, Nebraska. 

2023 Tuition Assistance Deadline

The deadline for priority Tuition Assistance consideration is Friday, March 10. Please refer all questions regarding tuition assistance and scholarships to Ms. Voiles at

Scholarship Program

Betty Lane Scholarship Award

Each year, the School awards a scholarship to a student who demonstrates scholastic ability, a desire to attend St. Andrew’s, and financial need.

JC Burgess Scholarship Award

This scholarship goes to a middle school boy (6th or 7th grade) who exemplifies J.C.’s joy and sense of humor as well as his intelligence, integrity, courage, bravery and, most of all, his inspiration to others.

Christian Longanecker Scholarship

Each year the School awards a scholarship in honor of Christian. The criteria for receiving this scholarship include financial need, scholastic ability and a desire to attend St. Andrew’s.

Andrew Hernandez Memorial

This scholarship is awarded to two 2nd grade students (a boy and a girl) who are dedicated to academics excellence and service to others through kindness, respect, and gentleness.

Amy Mitchell Griffin Scholarship

This award/scholarship will be given annually to the 5th grade girl who best demonstrates the character traits of its namesake – kindness, compassion, and positive impact on those around her.

Margaret Teel Scholarship

Each year the school awards this scholarship to a deserving 5th grader who demonstrates exemplary citizenship, scholastic ability and a desire to attend St. Andrew’s.

Opportunity School Scholarship

Each year, the School awards two scholarships to Opportunity School students who have demonstrated academic potential and whose families actively engage in their child’s education.