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Community Letter

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Private School Amarillo

January 2018

In thinking back on the past several months, I am proud of how much our students, faculty, and trustees have accomplished. As a school, we continue to make significant progress on important initiatives. I am writing to share some of that progress. At a recent Headmaster’s Coffee, I shared a presentation on what we’ve been working on this year as a faculty and as a Board. Here’s a brief overview of that presentation.

1. What We’ve Accomplished This Year

  • We have increased opening enrollment, identified continued cost-saving measures, opened new spaces/introduced new technology, and implemented new programs including:
    • Experiential Learning
    • Eureka Math
    • Drama
    • Academic Support
    • Tinkering Lab
    • Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) Elements
    • Expanded MS University Program
    • MS SOLE Project

2. Leadership Team’s Ongoing Work

  •  Streamlined admissions process
  • Improved online marketing
  • Increased grant funding for tuition assistance
  • Cross-training on Rediker
  • Developing SEL curriculum
  • Improving athletic sport performance
  • Developing learning profiles for all students
  • Working to decrease/eliminate athletic fees

3. New Elements Yet to Come This Year

  • More experiential learning events
  • Reintroduction of Motor Lab (Primer/PK)
  • Parents Engaging Parents (PEP) Council
  • Curriculum adjustments w/ TinkerLab influence

4. What’s Going on Behind the Scenes

  • We’re prepping for our October 2019 Onsite Visit as part of the Southwest Association of Episcopal Schools Accreditation Cycle. Also, the Board of Trustee’s Committees are working on the following.
    • Development – Evaluating current fundraising structure with Annual Fund/PTA Events
    • Facilities/Building – Developing a 3-5 year Campus Master Plan
    • Finance – Creating a 3-5 Year Strategic Financial Plan
    • Religious Life – Identifying shared events between the Church and School
    • Tuition Assistance – Evaluating Tuition and Fee Schedule

5. Personnel Updates

  • Introducing our Teacher of Innovation, Design, and PE – Starting in January, Mrs. Beverly Sutterfield will be joining our faculty. She comes to us with a unique skill set formed by her 32 years in education including stints teaching Gifted and Talented, Physical Education, Kindergarten, and Home Economics. Her experiences outside the classroom include coaching FIRST Robotics, mentoring teachers, coordinating fundraising and grant writing activities, and designing/creating yearbooks. Mrs. Sutterfield is very excited to be reintroducing the Motor Lab to our Primer and Pre-K students.
  • Re-introducing for the 2019-2020 School Year…Principals – For the 2019-2020 school year, we will re-introduce principal roles back into our leadership structure. Announced in January, these two individuals will be recognized as developmental experts in their areas. We will have a Head of Primary Branch and a Head of Intermediate/Middle Branches. Stay tuned for more information regarding the scope of their work and how this will positively impact the St. Andrew’s experience.

We remain focused on providing a distinctive, value-added experience you cannot find anywhere else. We are the Amarillo school that empowers students to strive together as academics, athletes, artists, dreamers, and doers. In doing so, we meet individual students where they are so they can achieve and grow more than anywhere else.

Thank you for the trust you place in us as your school of choice. Please never hesitate to let me know if there’s anything I can do for your family.

In service, always, Joel R. Bicknell Head of School