March 30, 2020

Dear St. Andrew’s Families,

It’s been two weeks since we announced our plan to transition to Remote Learning. Since our return from Spring Break, I have been blessed by our work with our students, parents, and faculty as everyone adapts to this new reality. Listening to the hopes and fears of our community and what we love about St. Andrews has been an affirmation of our school’s collective heartbeat. Through it all, our community continues to celebrate the teachable moments with our kids.

Still, there is a sadness that our normal has been disrupted. We miss Chapel. We miss Fine Arts. We miss Athletics. We certainly miss seeing each other. Temporarily, those joyful moments have been replaced by joyful moments in our homes, online and on the phone. The relationships that connect us remain strong.

I am writing today with an important update. The Board of Trustees and I met earlier today to consider again what we know, what we don’t know, and how to best serve our community in the midst of the spread of COVID-19. In considering the advice of health professionals and the guidance given by our local, state, and national government officials, ​we have decided to extend our Remote Learning period through Friday, May 1.

We do so knowing we are flexible enough as a school to adjust in a day or two if need be. God willing, we will be able to come back sooner. We will pay attention to the communication and decisions made by the City of Amarillo’s Department of Public Health, Local ISDs, and the Governor’s office to guide us in a decision to return early.

While we pray we will be able to come together again to close out the school year in May, we know we need to be prepared for the possibility of that not occurring. ​Our goal is to communicate with you by Friday, April 24, regarding our plans for the month of May.

Our goal over the next couple of days is to plan instruction, determine points of contact between faculty, students, and parents, and provide more guidance for our community. Our commitment to you has been never stronger. ​Be sure to read through Mrs. Gabel’s and Mr. Grawunder’s weekly communiques on Wednesdays.​ This week’s bulletins will include adjustments students and parents can expect starting April 6.

Throughout the experience, you will have multiple opportunities to provide feedback. To that end, please take a few moments to complete this survey – ​Remote Learning Feedback (1)​.

We are called to live our vocation as parents and educators most in times like these. If we can take solace in anything, it is in knowing the strength of our character and the resolve of our spirit will guide us to the other side of this challenge. Please let us know how we can support you. We are on-call to do so.

In service to Him, and you, always,

Joel R. Bicknell
Head of School