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Cultivating Strivership-Empowering Children

By May 25, 2018August 26th, 2019No Comments

Cultivating Strivership: Empowering Children to Strive Together

Our work with Jeff Moore, Leadership Consultant and creator of the Striver Quotient Assessment, informed our work as a school over the past school year as we defined our vision statement.  When we considered our purpose, our why, we identified “Empowering Children to Strive Together” as our throughline. It is this ideal that drives all that we do with each other as a school – in the classroom, the hallways, the athletic field.  And, we hope it extends into our families’ homes.

Mr. Moore defines strivership as an ethic of internal competition – a competition based on the Latin origins of the word “compete” meaning “to strive together.”  How can we cultivate this ideal of constantly searching for ways to get better everyday in our children.

First, consider what attributes strivers demonstrate in relationship to Self, Team, and Boss.  In relationship to self, striver’s demonstrate the willingness to:

  • Initiate moving out of one’s comfort zone
  • Solve problems unconventionally
  • Learn new skills
  • Embrace failure
  • Project the sense that “what you see is what you get.”

These are certainly qualities we would like to see in all of our children.  What about in relation to team when team could be classmates, family, or fellow athletes on a competitive team?  In relation to team, strivers demonstrate the willingness to:

  • Challenge teammates
  • Support teammates externally to all outside entities
  • Demonstrate empathy for teammates
  • Support teammates internally, communicating directly whenever issues arise

When teams focus on how to get better everyday, they compete together and develop not only a championship mentality, but championship behaviors.  And finally, in relationship to Boss (or dare we say, parent?), striver’s demonstrate the willingness to:

  • Be assertive by challenging the Boss with new ideas
  • Support the Boss to all outside entities at all times
  • Support the Boss internally, communicating directly whenever issues arise

We are excited about our partnership with Mr. Moore.  He will be joining us on campus in August to work with faculty, the Board of Trustees, and parents.  We hope you will be able to join us for his presentations.