After School Program

We understand that often parents need help finding quality programming for their children after normal school hours. To best suite your needs, the St. Andrew’s Extended Day Program offers before and after school childcare for Primary School through 5th grade students on regular school days at a reasonable hourly rate. We offer a variety of activities for students to engage in such as:

    Students are given the opportunity to play after school games.
  • Arts & Crafts
    Arts and crafts are a fun activity provided in this after school program.
  • Snacks
    After school Snacks are provided for each student.
  • Homework Time
    This is a good time for students to complete their homework for the day.
  • Play Time
    This program is a good time for students to enjoy unstructured play time with friends.

Occasionally guests from various organizations are invited to provide Special Programs. Special Programs provide enriching experiences such as painting pottery, interacting with wildlife, and practicing different athletic skills. Please contact the main office if you have any questions or want more information.