A Letter From the Head of School

Welcome to St. Andrew’s Episcopal School’s website. Throughout our 3 years old to 8th-grade program, we empower children to strive together as learners, artists, athletes, leaders, and believers. This is why we exist. I am confident you will see the joy of the St. Andrew’s community in the smiles and laughter of our students, parents, and faculty.

We understand the world in which our children will live is one that is significantly different than the one in which we grew up. While affirming their strengths, we challenge our students to think with agility. We ask them to solve problems as they encounter them. We empower them to effectively communicate as writers and speakers. Through the depth and breadth of our academic, faith, and service learning experiences, our graduates leave with a skillset that engenders a spirit of strivership.

Our graduates report they acquired that strivership, the constant drive to be the best version of themselves, at St. Andrew’s. They are confident and self-aware. They distinguish themselves as initiators of positive change in their communities.

St. Andrew’s is a great place to be and become. Give us a call. Let’s schedule a tour. We look forward to sharing our story with you. More importantly, we look forward to becoming a part of yours.

In service, always,
Joel R. Bicknell
Head of School