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October Letter from the Head of School

St. Andrews’ Friends and Families, 

As a school, our Episcopal Identity is tied to our commitment to cultivating a culture of being welcoming to a broad spectrum of students, parents, and faculty with a myriad of backgrounds and belief systems.  What we don’t talk about enough is that this identity also calls us to being welcoming of our neuro-diverse students, parents, and faculty.

We can all agree that none of us learn in exactly the same way.  Each of us have distinct strengths and areas of growth.  I can observe a group of students in any grade-level classroom and recognize the individualized learning profiles in each group.  That is both exciting and challenging for us as parents and educators.  For those of us with multiple children in our homes, we recognize how different our children are and their unique personalities, strengths, and interests.  

We design our program to meet your student(s) where they are.  That is a simple statement that is beautifully complex to operationalize.  In my survey of programmatic design across the private and public school sectors, a lot of what we do can be found in gifted and talented programs.  Engineering, our vibrant Fine Arts program, our Academic Vision being made tangible in the experiential and student-led elements across our program, and the placing of and differentiating instruction for children with unique abilities – all of this is evidence of the vigor of our program.

Another element of our program that is core to expanding access to St. Andrew’s college- and life-preparatory experiences is Academic Support.  Over the next month and a half, you will notice digital and print materials being rolled out that detail the robust program we have built to support students with a variety of unique learning profiles.  We have a history of success partnering with parents and their students with the following profiles.

Dyslexia ADHD High-Functioning Autism

Anxiety Executive Function Speech/Language Delays

Be sure to join us for the October Head’s Coffee on Thursday, October 28, at 8:30 p.m. in the Cafeteria to learn more about our Academic Support program.  And, as always, please never hesitate to let me know if you have any questions.

In service, always,
Joel R. Bicknell
Head of School