St. Andrew’s grounds our values in the Christian faith. This calls us to “seek and serve Christ in all persons, loving our neighbor as ourself” while respecting the dignity of all human beings. A sense of belonging is essential to a climate of learning and serves as the optimal mode of preparation for our students’ futures. We strive to act with compassion, love, and integrity as that stands in contrast to exclusion, intolerance, and mistrust.

St. Andrew’s is a place where people from all different types of perspectives and traditions show up and engage in the joyful process of learning. This is what we love to do, learn together. And, this is what we were created to do, by God.


St. Andrew’s Episcopal School: Joyfully Worship, Learn, Create, and Serve Together

Mission Statement

At St. Andrew’s Episcopal School, we love and understand children. As a Christian community dedicated to the Episcopal traditions of education, we:

  • Commit to academic excellence, inclusivity, and the free expression of faith
  • Welcome families of any religious tradition and background
  • Provide children a safe place to be who they are to grow into the best versions of themselves
  • Empower self-discovery through trial and error
  • Strive for individualized, not standardized, success
  • Shape lifelong learners and servant leaders
  • Encourage the development of curiosity, tenacity, and self-confidence in multiple arenas: classroom, studio, laboratory, and playing field
  • Worship, learn, create, and serve together.