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What a Safe Learning Environment Can Do for Your Child


Confident, Authentic, Resilient, Adventurous, Service-Minded:
What a Safe Learning Environment Can Do for Your Child

What a joyful experience it has been to welcome students, parents, faculty, staff, trustees, alumni, and donors back into the hallways of our school.  It has been no small task to do so in a responsible way for our community.  While the parameters we must consider in order to provide a safe environment for the St. Andrew’s family continue to evolve, as they always do, our focus on doing so has only sharpened over the past several months of navigating life within the COVID-19 context.  We do so with a pioneering spirit of thinking “Not if, but how” and knowing faith, not fear, shines a light on the path we will walk.  Now, more than ever, considering St. Andrew’s as an investment in your child’s future is of the utmost importance.

Recently, the National Association of Independent Schools accomplished important research on what motivates parents to choose private, independent schools.  Their findings are no more important than now as we as parents discern what schools will meet the needs of our individual students.  They used the “Jobs-to-be-done (JBTD)” methodology and found there were four jobs schools do for parents and drive our decision-making when choosing schools.  Consider the following:

  • Job #1 – When my child’s school is failing him or her – either academically or by not providing a safe learning environment – help me find a school that will address those obstacles, so I can ensure my child will not fall further behind and will thrive in school.
  • Job #2 – When my child is intelligent and emotionally mature, help me find a school that will continue that growth so I can ensure she/he will full her/his potential, mature, and be prepared for college.
  • Job #3 – When a school is focused almost solely on test scores and curriculum, help me find a school that will focus on my child’s social and emotional development, so I can be sure my child will be a well-rounded and productive member of society.
  • Job #4 – When my child has talents that must be cultivated, help me find a school with an excellent academic program and outstanding reputation, so I can ensure my child fulfills his or her potential.

St. Andrew’s faculty, staff, students, and parents are demonstrating you don’t have to compromise academic excellence when you provide a safe-learning environment.  Comprehensive safety/health protocols in a small school with low student to teacher ratios do not have to be draconian.  We can secure the safety and health of our community in practical ways that do not sacrifice personal connection and relationships. 

Our focus on the whole-child – the spiritual, social, emotional, intellectual, and physical development of our students – uniquely prepares children to be leaders in their communities now and in the future.  Our graduates are leaders in their high school and college communities.  The journey they walk through our program allows them to be confident, authentic, resilient, adventurous, and service-minded.  

The inclusive spirit of St. Andrew’s is as strong as it has ever been.  We are a welcoming community that serves families from over 25 neighborhoods in the Amarillo and Panhandle-area.  Now is the time to come see what education can be for your child.